With her refreshing and unique style of hosting along with her distinct voice Bali K. Deol otherwise known as Lady B, has made a home for herself in the heart of Canada's Punjabi community. Dubbed by many as the Desi Music Queen, there is no arguing she one of a kind, an original, and a pioneer in Canada's Punjabi broadcasting scene.

When she came onto the scene fifteen years ago, there was little in the way of commercial radio. She launched her Punjabi Power hour on 96.1FM. She tells us proudly this was the first Punjabi show to hit FM Radio anywhere in Canada. Swaraj was a hit from the start. Fast-paced and professionally produced, it pays homage to Punjab and is dedicated to the promotion and celebration of our Punjabi heritage. Featuring music daily from the modern day to those golden oldies in a unique format, poetry, discussion, humor, and interviews with the top names in the Punjabi music industry.

It's sometimes surprising that a girl born and raised in the United Kingdom would grow up with so much passion for Punjabi music, literature and culture. Despite being born and raised in the UK, Lady B defines herself as a 'desi girl' a Punjabi and proudly calls Canada home. Using her popular show she seeks to inspire the same love for our rich culture in second and third generation Punjabi's whilst serving Punjabi's of every age and background.

In the last decade ad a half she has become a household name; her nature still though is unassuming, and down to earth. Easily approachable and always ready to help when the cause is promotion of punjabiat or any other worthy cause. She is a proud serving member of the Canadian Sikh Coalition, and has been instrumental with many of the projects they have brought to the frontline.

When asked what the last ten years have been like, she speaks candidly with a twinkle in her eye. "It's been a wonderful learningexperience. Everyday I get to do what I love, I learn more and more my heritage everyday, and that's all I want to keep doing. I feel like I have this giant family out, granted I haven't met them mostly, but I feel a connection. I'm just so happy that the listeners have enjoyed what I do, and have shown me so much love and support. I'm very proud that Swaraj has debuted some of the hottest bhangra songs in this market," says Lady B. "And we've chatted with most of the most popular artists in the world." Swaraj Radio today airs weekdays 1 -3 PM.

So where will she be going from here, well she's not quite certain but one thing is for sure Lady B has staked her claim on the title of the Queen of Bhangra, leading the Punjabi invasion on the airwaves. Tune in weekdays 1-3PM @ 96.1FM